User Pingin as Facebook chat application for windows, Linux and Mac

    Hi guys there is a long time to meet. Recently Facebook updated Chat feature to sidebar like. I'm not like the feature because it  has no 'only show online friends' option and more... Not only by me most of the Facebook users not like this new Chat features. For that I search for Facebook chat clients, Pidgin is the universal IM client for Yahoo, Windows live, Gtalk and more by using XMPP protocol we can chat with your Facebook friends like Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger.

    Go to "Accounts" and select "Manage Accounts."
    1. On the Basic tab, enter the following info:
      • Protocol: XMPP
      • Username: < your Facebook username >
      • Domain:
      • Resource: Pidgin
      • Password: < your Facebook password >
      • Local alias: < display name >
      • Click the Advanced tab, then enter the following info:
      • Connect port: 5222
      • Connect server:
      • (Uncheck the box labeled "Require SSL/TLS") or select "Require SSL/TLS if available"

        Check the like for settings.

      Other Facebooks chat clients settings :
      Adium - Mac
      iChat - Mac
      Other - Windows/Mac/Linux