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Aug 24, 2007

Increase your Internet surfing speed by Google's help

Google is here to help again, this time with a software that will considerably increase your surfing speed and save you a lot of time. Google Web Accelerator is a FREE application developed by Google that speeds up web browsing by pre-fetching and caching the sites you visit often, which leads to a faster page load for those with high speed connections (DSL or Cable). Dial up speeds are improved only marginally.This tool has a little indicator that keeps you informed on the total web browsing time it has saved you. It does not cache/store any sensitive data that uses the HTTPS protocol - effectively meaning that your internet banking transactions are safe and never stored on a Google server. But there is also a little cach to this.For accelerating internet speed google keeps a check of our browsing habits,that is it keeps a record of the sites we visit often.But they do state that they won’t sell sensitive information.Anyways the google search that we use everyday also tracks our search results(if you didn't know that yes it does). So this is not of much concern. All in all,Google Web Accelerator is really worth it. It can effectively maximize your browsing speed and it works both in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.So give it a try.