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Nov 11, 2007

Edit your Blogs offline with Windows Live Writer

It is a really happy news to the Bolggers You can Edit Your blog in offline without Internet connection and It can Publish or POST on your blog after editing with Internet connection.

Step 1:

First download the latest version of the Windows Live Writer for the Microsoft.com and Install in Your system. It also supports to WINDOWS XP, not only for Vista.

Step 2:

Before it you must connect to Internet. Run the application for the Program files-->Windows Live-->Windows live write

It shows the following Wizard.only on first use

Form the above image You can select the Weblog providers like (Blogger.com, Windows Live Space, Typepad.com and other service).It shows the default Weblog service is WINDOWS LIVE SPACE Your are not the Windows space Blogger select the ANOTHER WEBLOG SERVICE OPTION AND CLICK NEXT BUTTON.

After that it shows the following window.

From the above window You can view the Options of

Weblog Homepage URL: (Your blog Url Ex:http://tips4ever.blogspot.com)

Username:(Your blogger.com Username) and

Password: (Your Blogger.com Password).

Entire all options and click the NEXT BUTTON. After that the process is connecting to your blog.

NOTE: Mostly this process is down. Some times in 56kbsec dial-up or slow Internet connections or error you can try it 2-3 times. or it can ask the conforming another window

Select providers: select your blog providers from the following (list shows Blogger, typepad and More... select which we want)

Remote Posting URL for your Weblog: default shows the following URL for Blogger.com users.


on the above you can entire <Feed-ID> like this "1234567890123456" you can find your feed ID by open Your blog -->right click on the page -->select view page information there you can find your blog ID. This process is not sure to success connect. Try it better.

And it shows the following window when connection is success connected. It is one time process after the first time install of WLW.

After that You can download your blog style by clicking Weblog option in the top of the window-->click Edit Weblog settings-->click Editing option and click update style button. It can updates your blog template style which you which you can used on blog Template.And we can View in web layout format.

After that you can disconnect the Internet connection and edit multiple postings in offline and it can save in local draft by clicking CTRL+L or selecting File menu in top of window-->Save Local Draft. after that you can post your postings by connect to the Internet and click CTRL+SHIFT+P and select File--> Post Draft to Weblog for draft your post in your blog.

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