Carry your Office Applications and Documents & Files with Your Storage Device and run in any other Computer

Carry your office Documents is not a problem but carrying and running your Office Applications Like Word-Process, Spreadsheets, Presentations (like MS word, excel, PowerPoint) even also Internet related E-mail Clients (Outlook),Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), FTP clients and more……

But it is possible and very easy to carry and run your office Applications with your storage devices like pen drives, Memory cards, Zip drives, Ipods and more…. By the help of PortableApps suite software. We can download from the site It is free to use and download

And just unzip the software in to your storage device and run your favorite Application in any other computer.

List of Applications available from the PortableApps Suite:
Office related:

  • Openoffice (It is like the MS Office, all the features in MS office like Word-Process, Spreadsheets, Presentations done here.)
  • GIMP (It is a multimedia related software like Photoshop all the photo editing features are done here like Photoshop)

Internet related Applications:

  • ThunderBird (It is a E-mail Clients like MS outlook)
  • Mozilla Firefox (It is a Web Browsers like Internet Explorer)
  • FTP Clients (there are many FTP clintes are available here it is used for Upload and Download the files form your Web server)
  • GAIM (It is a universal Instant messenger (IM) you can chat with Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, AOL and more messenger users from this messenger)

And for more Applications see the site.