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Aug 2, 2008

Create round corner images for the site

I am already explained that how to create the round corners website. And now I will explain how to create the corner images. In the topic I used the GIMP 2.2.13 version Image editing software. It is free to use and Download and it is all featured free Opensource software like Photoshop. We can also use any other which we like. Open a new file with size of 10px X 10px width and height with the background(your webpage background) color white and forward color orange. And zoom it in the 100% to 200%. Take paint brush with your forward color and 19 X 19 size. And paint as follows. And save it as any image formate like jpeg, gif, png and other.

Note: In above the small rectangel shape is the image and the circled shape is the paint brush.