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Dec 19, 2008

Essential Windows Softwares

We have an Windows OS just get this softwares its free to use and download. First of all I want to introduce about the very very… useful freeware is Ccleaner. Already I am said about this software in previous posting. It is utility software used to cleanup and increase performance and health of your system by follows features.
  • It cleanup the PC temp file, internet Temporary files, recycle bin files, recent documents, recent run commands and more…
  • It cleanup the unused, missed and unnecessary registry entries.
  • It can also Enable, disable & delete the unnecessary startup application which are we can see in the right side of the taskbar.

The second one is Auslogics Disk Defrag. It is also utility freeware which is free for use and download. It is used to defragment the fragment files in the hard disk when compare with other. After the cleanup of your system with Ccleaner we can use it to defragment the hard disk by this result that increases the performance of your system up-to 75%.

The third one is my favorite software GIMP. It is opensource software so it is free for use and download. It is alternative use of the Adobe Photoshop. It have mostly all the features of the Photoshop. It is lightweight and easy to use.

All my image editing works like Follows.

  • Create logos,
  • Image resize,
  • Image crop,
  • Insert text in the image,
  • Cutting a selected part of image,
  • Creating and selecting the image & layouts and much more are down with this. For more information visit Gimp.
The fourth one is my media player name is Vlc media player. We are also well known about this player. It is also the opensource software so it is also free for use and download. But after install the windows installer windows related update it is not working properly but is a very popular free media player in most software downloading sites like as The fifth one is Keepass it is also utility and opensource software so it is free for use and download. It is used to store the username and passwords of different accounts like e-mail with a master-key.
  • It has a features of category the accounts like Internet, E-mail, software, network, Homebank, bookmarks and much more... and also we can also create your-self as a category.
  • We can store your account as follow with the Title, URL of the account site, username, password, auto-generate password, calculating, the quality or strength of the password and note on the user account.
The sixth one is we are all well know about the browser is Mozilla Firefox so no more about it.

Let us come to the security section of your system:

Avast home edition 4.8

It is Avast free edition anti-virus software and it is free for use and download. It is one of the no. one free anti-virus software in the It has features of the Web shield, standard shield, Network shield, Instant messenger, E-mail client shield like POP, IMAP and SMTP and much more… and

One more thing is we can Register this free edition with your E-mail account after that there will send the free key of one year subscription to your email address with valid oof one year virus database and program updates. After expire the subscriptions again you can register same as previews again it will send another one year subscription key. The new edition is built with spyware scan also the previews versions are not have this feature.

Spybot - Search & Destroy

It is Spyware detect and fixing tool and it is the freeware software provided by the safe-network. We can freely download from . Before introduce about this I want to tell something about your system problems. All the system problems are not virus. Most of the problems is related to this type of thread means Spyware. It is very danger thread it will send your system information to other like credit card information, account username and password and much more…

So it is very useful to search and fix this spyware by the following features.

  • Detect and fix the spyware, adwars, malwars more...
  • Real-time working means it will provide secure to your system on background with Teatime feature. The previews version 1.4 not have this feature.
  • Immunize it is one of the feature used to secure for the browser related cookies, images, files and more… it will provide security from the browsers IE, Mozilla Firefox and more…
And finally is Recover feature. It is used to recover when any error occur by the past fixing.