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Jan 3, 2009

Add meta tag to build web traffic for Blogs and Websites

We are know about the Meta tag in the develop of the HTML document. But now a days by the developing of the user friendly web apps we are forgotting about the basic web design codes one of that is Meta tag. It is simple to leason but it is very powerful to build web traffic. What and Why you can use Meta tag ? Meta tag is used in the developing of HTML documents it mean wesite or webpages. It is used in below the head tag "<head></head>". It is used to give information about your Website or webpage to Search engine when the user search. We can code Meta tag as below.
<meta content="Tips4ever is an online tech Guider that helps you in taking maximum advantage of the software tools and web technologies at your disposal so that you spend more time doing things you really love." name="Description" /> <meta content="tech news, technology, computers, software, internet, web 2.0, censorship" name="keywords"/>
The first Meta tag is used for description of your Website and the second Meta tag is used to the Keyword for search results match.