Display codes or codeview in blogs postings and in webpages

Codeview on your blog posting or in webpages
Display code on webpages or in Blog postings is knows as codeview, viewcode and more... It is very hard to develop in HTML or in any program. It is easily do on the previews posting with the help of Scribefire without any programing knowledge for the bloggers and for webpages you can use text-editors which is have a Rich edit and code edit mode like Dreamweaver it will convert automatically. But in pro blogs comments there are asking the code for design and develop the codeview. For that I collected the code to develop codeview.
Character Entity Number Entity Name Description
" " " quotation mark
' ' ' (does not work in IE) apostrophe
& & & ampersand
< < < less-than
> > > greater-than
For More... http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_entities.asp