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Nov 22, 2009

The fresh installation is not a solution for crashed Windows

Hi guys, How are you When your Windows XP crashed by any thing like virus attack, installing un-supported application, driver or any other format or reinstall freshly is not the solution. There is many ways to recover your Operating System by Clone-backup your OS after install, keeping backup images in CD/DVD, external HDD, and more... with different backup tools, recover the damaged or deleted files with recover tools and finally recuse disk or tools. The recuse disk is the better and safe way to recover the OS. There are many tools are there to creating Recuse disk. In this posting I am discuss about the how to recover your crashed Windows XP with MS Windows XP Disk. Ha guy why waiting get-start.... Requirements: One Bootable Windows XP disk CD/DVD R/RW drive and crashed Windows XP system hahahaha.... Steps to-Do: 1. Tune on the computer and press F2 or F11 or F12 for setup First Boot disk as per your system. 2. Set CD/DVD drive as a First Boot load, save the changes and restart. 3. After rebooting the system it will boot from the CD/DVD disk and displayes following screen
4. Press F8 for Agree as follows
6. Select R to repair the selected Windows XP installation as follows
7. It will copy or replace all Windows files 8. Note: When it down your documents are safe but the applications like Anti-virus and other freshly reinstall. or miner problems is occurred. We can reinstall some applications like Anti-virus, MS-office (optional) It is recommended that We can scan after repair.