Secure your online username and password by typing with on-screen keyboard

key-loggers is the one of the problem for online users. It collect the information from keyboard-keystones form web browser or any other application and send it to the hackers who created it. There are many formats and ways to do it. it is in setup-file formate, web script and more... Most of the key-loggers attacked from web script hidden background and get the information which are typing in the text fields. How it works: Main function of this key-logger is it will collect the information by the help of keystones which are typing with keyboard. how it means each key have it own key sound or stone from that it will collect the information. What's the use of On-screen keyboard: First on-all we can open or execute form WindowsXP Start -->>All programms-->>Accessories-->> Easy of access and same as in vista and Windows 7. it will display as shown. Start the typing with On-screen keyboard. first live your keyboard and type your user-name and password words with mouse clicks on On-screen keyboard by this only one mouse click sound or stone is records for all words to keyloggers by this use username and password is safe to record Ok I think we are understand it and lets start to secure online typing information.