Host large files online and share it or mail to friends

I had a website.I want to share a file or files size of 1-10GB. It occupies my webspace and bandwidth  and slowdown the website loading and so on. I want to email a  DVD video size of 4GB to my friend. But free email accounts like Gmail, Yahoomail, Aol webmail, Hotmail are limited to mail attachment maximum upto 25MB file or files size and 50-100 messages/day due to spam policy reasons. what can I do? Just host your files in online and copy  paste the link in website or email and share it. There are no. of online services to host and share the files online.  is one of the free service to hosting files online without registration or login to there website and there is no limit of file or files size and no time waiting to download like and so on. So Get start!