Clonezilla Disk to Disk cloning locally

     Before we go to this we know about the Clonezilla and How to Identify the Hard disk drive partitions in Linux.
AIM: I had two hard disks drives (HDD) in my PC. I want to clone my 8GB HDD to 16GB HDD disk to disk locally as follows.
1. Download the clonezilla .iso live-cd image and burn it to CD/DVD.
2. Boot the Clonezilla live-cd for your PC.
3. It will boot and shows boot menu select default option and boot the Linux.
4. Select your language and press "enter" button.
5. Select keyboard map "enter".
6. Select the start_clonezilla option to start the Clonezilla tool.
7. I want to clone 8GB hole HDD to 16GB HDD so select device-device potion.
8. select default Beginner option.
9. My two HDD are in same PC so I want to chose disk_to_local_disk option
10. select source disk (which we want to clone). I want to clone 8GB HDD so I select sda 8GB.
11. Select destination disk (Where we want to clone). I want to clone 8GB HDD to 16GB HDD so I select sdb 16GB.
12. Press "Enter" button to conform.
13. Press "y" to continue.
14. Press "y" to conform and continue.
15. If we plan to clone OS press "y" or if we want to clone only data press "n".
16. Press "y" to conform.
17. The cloning process is going on.
18. Press "Enter" button.
19. type "0" (zero) to power-off the PC OR type "1" to reboot the PC and "enter".

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