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Mar 30, 2011

Which DNS server speedup your Internet

DNS means Domain Name System or Service. The job of DNS is translate Domain name(www.google.com) into IP address( will do for new new sites every day. Why because of we can't remember the IP address of the website like 100's of Phone Numbers in your Mobile and IP address of top sites are frequently changes for security reasons. Without DNS server We can't load a bit of website on your browser.
 There are many Public DNS servers like OpenDNS and Google DNS are available. The DNS server speed depend upon the Geographical location. For example, Google DNS server slow in Geographical location A and OpenDNS server fast in Geographical location B. For searching for best DNS server use the tool DNS Benchmark. It is a freeware and find best DNS server for you.

How to Run DNS Benchmark
  1. Download DNS Benchmark.
  2. Select the "Nameserver" tab and retrieves data.
  3. Click Run Benchmark button.
  4. Click and read the "Conclusions" tab for more...
How to setup DNS on your Computer

For Windows XP users

For Windows Vista or later users