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May 29, 2011

OpenDisc Free OpenSource software collection for Windows

     OpenDisc is a free OpenSource software collection for the Windows Operating System in ".ISO" format (Which is burnable to CD/DVD). The main goal of this Project is to provide alternative free software's for costly software's. There is a another Project is known as OpenEducationDisc the main goal of this project is to provide free software's to the Teachers, students and schools. Mainly for students that they need to complete school work at home.

     It contains softweare's like Openoffice, Firefox , Thunderbird, GIMP , Inkscape , 7-Zip , Pidgin , VLC, Avidemux , CaRMetal , ClamWin , FileZilla , Freeciv, , FreeCol , Miro , PokerTH , RSSOwl , Scribus , SeaMonkey , Sokoban YASC , Songbird , Stellarium , Sumatra PDF , TrueCrypt , TuxMath , TuxType , Battle for Wesnoth , Workrave and more
"Taste the free software's which are bleeding from OpenSource, and Enjoy! The freedom of freeness!!!"