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Dec 3, 2017

How To Teespring and Facebook ads Full Free Video tutorial

It is collection of step by step Youtube videos from finding nich to run successful Facebook ads campaign, Paid tutorials also cover same things. Before start your campaign and Facebook ads, first fully complete all this videos and analyse as per you requirement (mean how this market working for you) and start. Don't wast you money without knowledge without how to do.

Chapter I: The Fundamentals:
1.1 Finding Ideas -
1.2 Market and Competition Analysis -
1.3 Designing and Launching a Campaign -
1.4 Setting Up Your Pixels -
1.5 Creating Your Ad Image -
1.6 Creating the Page and Page Post -

All About Facebook Ads
Chapter II: Ads:
2.1 Targeting -
2.2 Ads Set Up -
2.3 Testing Method -
2.4 Reports Management -
2.5 Retargeting -
Chapter III: Scaling:
3.1 Scaling 1.0 -
3.2 Scaling 2.0 -
3.3 Campaign Funding -
3.4 Messaging Your Buyers -
Chapter IV: Case Studies:
4.1 Pi Day Case Study -
4.2 1,000+ Shirt Case Study -
Chapter V: Growing Your Business:
5.1 Growing Your Business -