Recover PC by Backup after completeing installation of OS and Mother bord

Hi Friends, all my friend take time wast to install os when it is infected or any very borry and take long time there is a way to recover u r PC by the software Gost (it is NorthernProvided ). Download it from the northern install and carfully read the Tutorials of the software. and follow the instructions it will backup the data to directly to the CD (it is used by me it is backup data of 4gb to one cd) the gost program and fallow the instructions finally it will finish it will restart and open in DOS mode (PC DOS gost DOS) this type of dos is not support to the all PC. 2.After completing the backup it will normally restarts and open u r original windows. 3.fro troubleshooting carfully read the Tutorials given by GOST. [NOTE:i for got it will backup ur OS drive in 5min and it will restores less then backup and donot need to install motherboard again and also u installed programs]