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Oct 30, 2007

Increase Your Google Adsense earning by place ads on page

There are mainly two things to increase the Google Adsense earning.

1. First thing are which ads formats gets more earn.
The ‘text linked’ format ads are better then the ‘text and image’ ads and the ‘text and image’ ads is better the image ads.

2. And the second thing is where the ads place in the Website and in Blog.
Most of the peoples in the net see on the left side of the website.

In Website:

  • First-of-all Insert Google Search service in your website on top-right of the webpage.
  • So we can put 120x60 or 120x90 or related size ‘Text linked’ format ads below the Navigate-bar
  • Insert ‘text and image’ format ads in the bottom of the webpage as you like size (450x90,700x90 or other).
  • Insert 250x250 size ‘Text and Image’ ads in right side on your post.

In Blog:

We can select the Blog templates which have the Profile and posts archive list is left side of the Blog. Because most of the people can see left side of the webpage.

  • Insert Google search in Top of Profile or posts archive left-side of the Blog.
  • Insert 120x60 or related size ‘Text linked’ formatted ads in below the Posts archive.
  • Insert 300x200 or like size in top of postings and bottom of the postings like shown on my present Blog.

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