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Oct 8, 2007

Increase Your Website or Blog traffic

Increase Your Website or Blog traffic

Web traffic is the main success for the webmasters for that you must increase the web traffic for your site

1. Step: Submit Your URL address to search engines:

First step to increase the web or blog traffic by submitting Your URL(web or blog address) to the search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN

Submit Your URL links bu the below links




And for more about 40 search engines submit to he following site

And more sites search on Google or yahoo by fallow “URL submit +websites” or “URL submit +forum” and more

And also submit u the directories like yahoo dir,

Google àmore optionsà Directory but some amount is spend for that

Try site is the free service directory to the website. I don’t know about this site.

2. Coding the Meta tags on the webpage:

Meta tags are the important and main feature for the websites. Because when the user given the keyword for search result the search engines search in Meta tags of the WebPages in websites.

Meta tags are easy to create following the code:

Title of Your Site

3. Step: Creating RSS or ATOM feeds and Newsletter subscription:

Newsletter subscription is another important feature to the website. From this the visitors and your customers become upto-date with your website.

You can create your own Newsletter subscription page. You have just basic knowledge on the Scripting like PHP, and DATABASE like MYSQL for best practice visit the site àdocumentation for the documentation or follow the code (it is not created by me it is collected form the sams teach yourself PHP,MYSQL and apache on online).


To create newsletter service is easy by visiting the third-party On the site create a account on the site and copy the code which is given by that and past it on your blog or website. And You can see like below

When the user entire E-mail address in the form he can receive the newsletters from your site with the help or involving the third party (

Another thing is create feeds. Form this visitor or customer become upto-date with your site.

It is also a simple to create by visiting third-party just register on the site copy the code which it was given and past the code your webpage. The users have direct service with this site settingsà feed and fallow the steps.

4. Step: Submitting the article to the popular article sites

One of the best steps is submitting the article to the popular article sites like,,, is the best article submitting site but some little amount is spend for that. It submits to 1000’s of sites and publishers and more. is the best free article publishing site you can submit your article to this site. It has high range traffic.

You want to spend a little amount for your web traffic try better advertise on low cost sites. For best example is spend money advertise your site on Google adwords.

5. Step: Posting on forum and create your own forum:

It is also a best step to post the articles in the forums like Orkut because it as a very high traffic and lakes of people visits the site.

It is good think when compare with posting on another forum is creating your own forum in your website. It is very useful for online support for your customers and the visitors. From this you can get the rich quality and good amount of traffic.

6. Tell-A-Friend or family (TAF):

Tell a friend or family is the best and free way to increase the web traffic. For creating the TAF you have the Basic knowledge on Scripts and DATABASE like PHP and MYSQL. PHP is the best scripting language and you want best practice visit the àdocuments. It is a free online documentation.

7. Step: Link Exchange:

Link exchange free and little best and free. It means you can exchange the links with another sites. Your link is on another site and another site link (Which your site link is on another site) is in your site. For best result search “Link exchange +web”, “link exchange + forum”.