Manually remover the Virus form your computer or in your Storage devices

When some times the Anti-Virus softwares are unable o remove the viruses form your computer on in storage devices like pen drives and then it is time to delete them manually by you like the viruses
  • Autorun.inf (By this when you can double click the drives it autoruns directly not open)
  • NEWFOLDER.exe (By this the NEWFOLDER are created in each and every folder)
  • SVCHOST.exe (It is damages the OS windows files like DLL,inf and more other name searchas svchoct.exe,svchsot.exe)
  • Ravmon.exe,HEAP41a. and more....
Process to remove Virus:

Step1:First open the MS-DOS and select the drive which is infected by the virus.
select the drives like
c:\> (it is your default drive)
D:\> (it is you selected drive)
G:\> (think it is your storage drive like pen drive)

Step2:Type the command Dir/w/a it will shows the all files and folders in your selected drive.

Step3:Delete the virus files which I m given and also you know by the command "DEl (filename)"
Ex:c:\>DEL autorun.inf

Step4:Some time the file are hided for that type "ATTRIB-r-a-s-h" it will shows the all Hided,Read only,Archive files in you drive and delete them.

NOTE: When you want to delete the virus in your storage device click cancel when autorun open is appeared when we plug to computer. for avoid the entering the virus.

Hide or remove the Navebar on top of your blog

Hide or remove your NAVBAR on top of your blog just copy and past the following codes on your Blog Edit page.

For blogger CSS style users it means classic users past the following code.Note copy and past the following code in between the "CSS style".

#b-navbar {

For new Blogger users it means Blogger beta style users past the following code:
#navbar-iframe {

Carry your Office Applications and Documents & Files with Your Storage Device and run in any other Computer

Carry your office Documents is not a problem but carrying and running your Office Applications Like Word-Process, Spreadsheets, Presentations (like MS word, excel, PowerPoint) even also Internet related E-mail Clients (Outlook),Web Browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox), FTP clients and more……

But it is possible and very easy to carry and run your office Applications with your storage devices like pen drives, Memory cards, Zip drives, Ipods and more…. By the help of PortableApps suite software. We can download from the site It is free to use and download

And just unzip the software in to your storage device and run your favorite Application in any other computer.

List of Applications available from the PortableApps Suite:
Office related:

  • Openoffice (It is like the MS Office, all the features in MS office like Word-Process, Spreadsheets, Presentations done here.)
  • GIMP (It is a multimedia related software like Photoshop all the photo editing features are done here like Photoshop)

Internet related Applications:

  • ThunderBird (It is a E-mail Clients like MS outlook)
  • Mozilla Firefox (It is a Web Browsers like Internet Explorer)
  • FTP Clients (there are many FTP clintes are available here it is used for Upload and Download the files form your Web server)
  • GAIM (It is a universal Instant messenger (IM) you can chat with Yahoo, Gtalk, MSN, AOL and more messenger users from this messenger)

And for more Applications see the site.

Create and boost your Website or Blog with newsletter Subscriptions service

Newsletter subscription is the very important to websites .It will become closer with the customers and website visitors and also more helpful to increase the Quality web traffic. It is a must and should service to websites. But you have know on HTML, scripting language, and database to develop.

There are number of free Newsletter services are provided to your website in Internet. Just you can register your site on that sites get code and past into your site in anywhere. But some advertisements are put on your customer newsletters when you can pay for that service the advertisements are removed. Some of there are given below.

  • and More……


For this service your websites requires RSS or ATOM or other type of feeds to do.

Create your own Internet Forums for your website

Internet forums are become very popular in now days. There also know as Message Boards, Discussion Board, Forums and more… .But it is not easy to create and develop without knowledge on BBcode or HTML, Scripting languages like Jscript, PHP, and Database like MSSQL, MYSQL or other to develop the internet Forums.

But developing of internet there has free tools are available to do the Internet Forums without coding knowledge. Just download and unzip in to your web server and install it according to the tool instructions or manuals.

Some of tools are given bellow

  • PHPbb
  • Bbpress and more…..

To use this Internet forum tool your web server requires Database (like MYSQL), Scripting language most of the tools requires PHP Scripting language or other and Web space and there versions are depend upon the tools requires.

Avoid Storing usernames and passwords in your mind and note it

By the developing of internet usage you can creates the number of Usernames and Passwords in different sites and confused about that.There are number of free software’s are available on the Internet to store.

One of that is Keepass. It is the Opensource software it is available freely to use and download.

KeePass Features:

  • Strong Security
  • Multiple User Keys
  • Portable and No Installation Required
  • Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files
  • Import From Many File Formats
  • Easy Database Transfer
  • Support of Password Groups
  • Time Fields and Entry Attachments
  • Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag&Drop
  • Intuitive and Secure Windows Clipboard Handling
  • Searching and Sorting
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Strong Random Password Generator
  • Plugin Architecture
  • Open-Source!