Manually remover the Virus form your computer or in your Storage devices

When some times the Anti-Virus softwares are unable o remove the viruses form your computer on in storage devices like pen drives and then it is time to delete them manually by you like the viruses
  • Autorun.inf (By this when you can double click the drives it autoruns directly not open)
  • NEWFOLDER.exe (By this the NEWFOLDER are created in each and every folder)
  • SVCHOST.exe (It is damages the OS windows files like DLL,inf and more other name searchas svchoct.exe,svchsot.exe)
  • Ravmon.exe,HEAP41a. and more....
Process to remove Virus:

Step1:First open the MS-DOS and select the drive which is infected by the virus.
select the drives like
c:\> (it is your default drive)
D:\> (it is you selected drive)
G:\> (think it is your storage drive like pen drive)

Step2:Type the command Dir/w/a it will shows the all files and folders in your selected drive.

Step3:Delete the virus files which I m given and also you know by the command "DEl (filename)"
Ex:c:\>DEL autorun.inf

Step4:Some time the file are hided for that type "ATTRIB-r-a-s-h" it will shows the all Hided,Read only,Archive files in you drive and delete them.

NOTE: When you want to delete the virus in your storage device click cancel when autorun open is appeared when we plug to computer. for avoid the entering the virus.