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Jul 3, 2008

Create multiple profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the E-mail client like Eudora, Communicater 4.x, Outlook, MS outlook and other. It is a Opensource software. It can use and Download freely. And it performs and maintain easily. I want to give a tip to Create Multiple profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird. For that just follow the following steps.

Select RUN option in windows start menu and copy and past the Mozilla Thunderbird path and just add “-P” to the path like this "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -P" or in case of installed in other path just copy that path add “ -P” as shown above. After that It will shows “Thunderbird choose user profile” wizard and click “Create Profile” button in left-side of the Wizard and it will shows “Create Profile Wizard” and click Next. Type the name of the profile and choose the path to the profile by clicking “Choose path” button. We can choose the default path given by the wizard or but I recommended that we can choose different path other then OS drive like “C:” for the backup facility (In case of OS Drive C: or other damaged by the virus or other ) and click finish button. And click “Start Thunderbird” button on the bottom of the wizard and enjoy the feature.