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Oct 11, 2008

My Four softwares for Security and better Performs of Windows XP

My Security Software: Before introducing about security related softwares and any other softwares. I want to give one suggestion to you is, do not use cracks or other for the security related software like Anti-virus, Spyware scanners and more... because it damages that software or ideal on some location when scan your system. It results to harm your system and hacks your personal information like username & passwords, Credit card information, Bank accounts & their information and more...... The other way for your security is use freeware security-related software mean which are freely available. Anti-virus: My favorite and free anti-virus software is Avast Home Edition. It is free for use and download from . Present the Avast Home Edition 4.8 version is available. Features: Shields: Mail Shield, IM Shield (messenger), Outlook, POP and SMTP, Web shield, Stand Shield (Real-time scan), P2P Shield, Network Shield. Services: Quick-scan, Full computer scan, manual scan (Folder, File, Type), Real-Time scan (it runs backside to scan when plug pen-drives, CD, and more) and more... Spyware and Malware Scanner: Spybot - Search & Destroy is a Spyware and Malware scanner and it is also available free for use and download from . Currently the Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.6 is available. Features: It checks and fix the Spywares and Malwares, Immunize(recover) and Protects from Web Browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other from their Cookies, images, Popups, domains, IPs, PlugIns, hosts and more It recovers the system which are damaged for last scan and much more.... System boost-up Software: I am written many articles about how to keep the system with better performs by different tricks, tips and software once again I am introduce Ccleaner, AusLogics Disk Defrag software for the system better performs. It improves upto 75% of the system performs. Ccleaner (freeware): Before introducing about the software I want to give some reasons why the systems slowdowns. After that you can understand how the software is works. Mostly of the systems slowdown by low free space on the Windows (OS) installed local drive drives. There are many ways to lowdown the free space of the OS disk drives. The first and main thing is regular installation of the bulk softwares, games, tools and much more. It results to occupies the free space of the disk and it results to lowdown the free space of the OS disk. It is troubleshooting by uninstalling multiple media-players, image editors, video editors and more...For example you can use VLC player, windows media player, Winamp and more software for playing the songs and videos. It is better to keep your favorite media player and uninstall all other players. The second thing is when installing the number of software it results to increase the number of Startup items which are seen in right side of the taskbar. By this you can wait upto after loading of Startup items like Yahoo Messenger, auto-update tools and much more. The third thing is when we installed the software there are extract to any other location in the OS drive and after that it will install in to the system and after clear the extracted files it means temporary files. Some times some software not clears the extracted files for the backup or other. It results to lowdown the free space of the OS disk drive. The fourth thing is when you install software it registration the entries in the system which your are seen in the Registry Editor. This registration also loads on startup. when uninstall the software some are not removes this entries. It is also results to slowdowns the system. In above four reasons is clear and troubleshooting by the Ccleaner Software. It is a freeware software it is free of use and download from the currently the 2.0 version is available. It has a three options to clear the above four options. ● The First option is Cleaner. It is see on the left-side of the Ccleaner application. It can clear the Temporary File, Temporary Internet File (which are downloaded by the browser), Cookies, Histories and much more... (Related to third thing) ● The second option is Registry. It is also see in the left-side of the Ccleaner application. It can clears and removes the unnecessary registries entries in the system.(Related to fourth thing) ● The third option is tools. It is also see int the left-side of the Ccleaner application. It again contain two options are Uninstall and Startup. The uninstall option is the uninstall utility tool option it is used to uninstall the installed applications in the system (Related to the First thing). ● And the last option is Startup. It is see on the tools option. It is used to disable the Startup application which are see in the Right-side of the taskbar. We can use this option carefully don't disable the security related applications like anti-virus, Spyware remove tools and more and also the system related application and tools like Audio & video drivers like a speaker icon seen the left-side of the taskbar it is used to control the Audio hardware section. Take very careful about this option. AusLogics Disk Defrag: It is defragment utility tool. It is also free of use and download from the site . When you can install and uninstall the software it results to creates the gap between the files in disk. After that when you install the software it install in that gaps more then its size it means the gap size is 1MB the installed file size is more then 1MB and it results to fragment the files of installed and already install applications. It is clear and troubleshooting by using AusLogics Disk Defrag. Just open the application. Chouse the drive which you want to defragment and click next button on the bottom of the application it will starts the defragment and complete in few seconds. And enjoy it.