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Oct 11, 2008

Free Linux CD absolutely free of cost from some companies

You can get free Linux CDs absolutely free of cost. Yes it is really free. Normally the Linux distributors, distribute there Linux OS freely in online download. But it takes lot of time to download for slow Internet users. But there have a free Linux CD distributors and courier there free CD to your address. Choose and Get your free Linux CD’s from following: Ubuntu: It is one of the most popular Linux OS. It is based on Debian Linux. We can get this CD from the following this link . Unbrokable Linux: It is created by the Oracle Company. Get it by the following link . OpenSolaries: It is created by the company. It is also one of the popular OS used for Data Center. And it also gives Desktop Editions. We can get it by the follow by this link There is no matter which Linux is best. If you want more visit their home websites and see their features or visit the site http://en/ or search on web or more... Get ready to taste the Free Software’s which are bleeding from the Open source software’s, Free Software Founders (FSF) and more.