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Jan 1, 2009

Edit your blog with Scribefire It is a Firefox addon

The main problem to the bloggers is to edit the blog posting in online. It is too more problem to the slow Internet (Dial-up) Bloggers. For that there are many software on net. But I am not satisfied. Finally I got a addon for the Mozilla Firefox name is ScribeFire. It is a Blogeditor. You can edit any blogging service blog like Blogger.com, Wordpress.com, Wordpress.org (own blog hosting service), Typepad, Livejounrnal, Drupal, Roller, Tumblr and more... by this blogeditor. Features:
  • Lightweight
  • Maintain multiple blogs form multiple bloggeing services including own blog hosters also.
  • Categorize and tag your blog postings
  • Preview your post in offline
  • Upload Photos to Picasa, Flockr, Photobucket and much more...
  • Edit in Normal and Code mode
  • Insert Photos and Videos for online sites like Picasa, Flockr, Youtube, Google Video and much more...
  • Save posting in offline and Publish it latter
  • Maintain your blog postings
  • Formating Text as like font, color, bold, underline, paragraph and more....
  • Upload files to FTP
  • Share your posts on social websites
  • Set timestamps
  • Inserting Hyperlinks and much more.....
Installing and using: It is very simple to do. JustDownload the Scrabefire . and Insert it in Mozilla Firefox Tools-->Add-ons it will install and restart your Mozilla Firefox browser. And that click Scrabefire from Tools-->ScribeFire or press shortcut key F8. it will open on the bottom of the Firefox browser like shown below.
1. After that It will automatically shows the Account Wizard or we can click add button in the right-side of the Scribefire in blogs tag. 2. Entire your Blog URL and click next button. 3. It will scans and shows your blog information as blogging providers name and your blog ID URL and click next button. 4. Entire your username and password of blog account and click next button. And It is ready to use the Scribefire for you.