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Jan 19, 2009

Protect your blog form hackers

I tried about this topic in many times finally by the refer of  some blogs I collected the following steps to protect blog and websites form hacking.

Do not use Public Computers:

      This is most important point to secure you blog. The public computers means net centers and third-party systems. In the net center there are number of persons will use and there open unnecessary sites to crack the software or for adult content. It results to entering virus, spywares, marewales and much more... by this the keyloggers also enter in to the computer. The main work of the keyloggers is getting information by the keyboard strings and it will send to the third-persons(means crackers). And it results to lose your account. So do not use the public computers.

Keep your blog information privately:

      We can keep your blog account information privately do not say to anybody and do not write in any where.

Use original or free edition security software:

      We can use the original (registread) or free edition security software to your system. For example some of the persons crack there security related softwares from the craking sites and it will result do not detect some attacks to the systme. It result to lass your information.

Must and should use Spyware removible tools:

      Spyware removible tools make a greate role in the online security. We can must and should use the spyware removible tools. there are many spyware removible tools are freely availbe in the net we can download and install of the them. I recommende ad-war and Spyboot are the free and best product is the best and free spyware removible tools.

Host your blog in your own server:

      If blogging is your full time job it is best to host your blog in your own server. It means we can host your blog by purchasing a own server from the hosting providers like Godaddy, enom, yahoo small business, bluehost, vodahost and much more... there have addition security to your blog when comprave with free blogging providers. Some of the hoster provides the free own domains to you.

Set your Browser performance in security Level:

      We can also set browser performance in high or medium level do not set as low level.