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Jan 20, 2009

Speedup your blog loading...

Slowly loading blog is one of the big drawback to the blog and blogger. It will be solve by the following steps.
Scripts: Javascripts is very hot thing in blogging for different function. So it is must and should to the blogs and the same time it is bad to blog loading. We can solve it by the follow.
  • Remove unnecessary, unused, unknown third-party scripts form the blog .
  • If any scripts is must to your blog maximum try to use alternative light-weight scripts which you want.
  • Mostly try to insert that scripts in last of the blog it means after the blog content.
Images: Inserting images in the posting is also one of the hot thing in blogging with out it we can not impress the visitor with your posting. So no way to remove the images form the blog . It is solve by following
  • Remove unnecessary and unused images from the blog template.
  • Compress images with image compress tools or with Gimp .
  • Using good and light-weight image formates like PNG and JPEG recommended this two are best to the blogging or for websites. GIF image formate is also is best.
  • Hosting your images in the image hosting sites like Picasa, Flockr, photobucket and more... we can speed-up loading images in the your blog because there server have a special technology to load image quickly. Blogger.com users have no problem to host there images in the image hosting sites it will automatically uploads images to Picasa webalbum when you are posting.
  • Minimize number of images inserting in the posting.
  • We can also optmize your images on Dynamic Drive, Image Reducer, Net Mechanic Spin Wave and much more...
Attention on Blog Home page Posts: More number of posting shown in the blog home pages is also slowdowns the blog loading. It is better to limit the number of posting show on the blog home page. So we can follow the steps below:
  • Limit number of postings on your blog homepage.
  • If you want to index more... no. of posting it is better to display or show only title of the posting with 250 characters of body of the post. It means only shows the Title of the post and the 250 characters of post body.
On Templates Building: Blog templates is one of the most hot section in the blogging. Most of the bloggers think and wants the nice and rich templates for there blogs. It is very useful to attract the visitor for look and feel. But it is bad to the blog loading. Because on nice and rich blog-templates used large number of images and weighted images for the template build and it is inserts before the content of the blog so it takes more time to load main content of the blog. It is bad news to the bloggers but there is an another way to build your blog-template for look and feel to attract visiters. It is simple Just search for the limited number of images used in blog template like WP-polaried in this template used the light weighted and limited number of images for move templates see the Top Visible Templates on btemplates.com/. mostly use less number of images in your blog It is best to build your own template by choosing the minima template in the blogger.com/ and for other blogger it is better to reset the CSS style and layout of your blog. Don't use table for building layouts mostly use <div></div> for design layout for blog template. Advertising: It is better to choose the advertising networks to advertise on your blog. Because there have latest technology and number of code formates (PHP, Jscript, HTML and more...) to supporting and load fast. In other way you can use best and top rated server-side tools for advertise on the websites. Other:
  • Use Slash (/) at the end of URL address like http://tips4ever.blogspot.com/ .
  • Use Validate code to build the template.
  • Build your blog template and Validate it is support to all browsers.
  • Refer for standard code on www.w3c.org/ .