UNIX/Linux command line cheat sheet

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       code >>> compile >>>>> run >>>> success ;-)
        /\         ||          ||         
        ^^         \/          \/
        ^^      errors       errors 
        ^^          \\       //
        ^^           \\     //
        ^^             google
        ^^              ||
        \\              \/
         \<<<<<<<  copy N paste

Windows Powershell Commands Comparison with MS-DOS and LINUX

Windows PowerShell
Windows PowerShell
cmd.exe / COMMAND.COM
(MS-DOS, Windows, OS/2, etc.)
(Unix, BSD, Linux, Mac OS X etc.)
Get-ChildItem gci, dir, ls dir ls List all files / directories in the (current) directory
Get-Content gc, type, cat type cat Get the content of a file
Get-Command gcm help help List available commands
Get-Help help, man help man Help on commands
Clear-Host cls, clear cls clear Clear the screen
Copy-Item cpi, copy, cp copy cp Copy one or several files / a whole directory tree
Move-Item mi, move, mv move mv Move a file / a directory to a new location
Remove-Item ri, del, erase, rmdir, rd, rm del, erase, rmdir, rd rm, rmdir Delete a file / a directory
Rename-Item rni, ren, mv ren, rename mv Rename a file / a directory
Get-Location gl, pwd cd pwd Display the current directory/present working directory.
Pop-Location popd popd popd Change the current directory to the directory most recently pushed onto the stack
Push-Location pushd pushd pushd Push the current directory onto the stack
Set-Location sl, cd, chdir cd, chdir cd Change the current directory
Tee-Object tee n/a tee Pipe input to a file or variable, then pass the input along the pipeline
Write-Output echo, write echo echo Print strings, variables etc. to standard output
Get-Process gps, ps tlist, tasklist ps List all currently running processes
Stop-Process spps, kill kill,taskkill kill Stop a running process
Select-String n/a find, findstr grep Print lines matching a pattern
Set-Variable sv, set set env, export, set, setenv Set the value of a variable / create a variable

User Pingin as Facebook chat application for windows, Linux and Mac

    Hi guys there is a long time to meet. Recently Facebook updated Chat feature to sidebar like. I'm not like the feature because it  has no 'only show online friends' option and more... Not only by me most of the Facebook users not like this new Chat features. For that I search for Facebook chat clients, Pidgin is the universal IM client for Yahoo, Windows live, Gtalk and more by using XMPP protocol we can chat with your Facebook friends like Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger.

    Go to "Accounts" and select "Manage Accounts."
    1. On the Basic tab, enter the following info:
      • Protocol: XMPP
      • Username: &lt; your Facebook username >
      • Domain: chat.facebook.com
      • Resource: Pidgin
      • Password: &lt; your Facebook password >
      • Local alias: &lt; display name >
      • Click the Advanced tab, then enter the following info:
      • Connect port: 5222
      • Connect server: chat.facebook.com
      • (Uncheck the box labeled "Require SSL/TLS") or select "Require SSL/TLS if available"

        Check the like https://www.facebook.com/sitetour/chat.php for settings.

      Other Facebooks chat clients settings :
      Adium - Mac
      iChat - Mac
      Other - Windows/Mac/Linux

    OpenDisc Free OpenSource software collection for Windows

         OpenDisc is a free OpenSource software collection for the Windows Operating System in ".ISO" format (Which is burnable to CD/DVD). The main goal of this Project is to provide alternative free software's for costly software's. There is a another Project is known as OpenEducationDisc the main goal of this project is to provide free software's to the Teachers, students and schools. Mainly for students that they need to complete school work at home.

         It contains softweare's like Openoffice, Firefox , Thunderbird, GIMP , Inkscape , 7-Zip , Pidgin , VLC, Avidemux , CaRMetal , ClamWin , FileZilla , Freeciv, , FreeCol , Miro , PokerTH , RSSOwl , Scribus , SeaMonkey , Sokoban YASC , Songbird , Stellarium , Sumatra PDF , TrueCrypt , TuxMath , TuxType , Battle for Wesnoth , Workrave and more
    "Taste the free software's which are bleeding from OpenSource, and Enjoy! The freedom of freeness!!!"

    Free Image Hosting without registration


    imm.io is a one-click easy image sharer, perfect if you want to upload an image to show your friends or link from other sites. Just choose a file to upload and we give it a place to call home.


    • We limit the number of uploads to 50 per hour and per IP address. 

    • Images are removed if they are not viewed in 30 days. 

    How To Access Google Voice on Mobiles

    Make calls from your Google Voice number, read voicemail like email, SMS more from your mobile. Just your want Google Voice support Mobile, currently it supports AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, Android Phone, Iphone, and some other. It supports all most all mobile by visiting m.google.com/voice but current pick is better and Internet to your phone and ready to do. See the Official video form Yourtube.

    Link: M.Google.Com/Voice, Google's Youtube Channel

    How to make 3D glasses

    3D movies is most popular today's. Most of the Movies are released in 3D, and TV's also come with 3D.3D glasses is must to enjoy the 3D world. there are number of companies making glasses cost of 100's of dollars. Making of 3D glasses is not a complicated thing, we just want a kids toy glasses or cut your own glasses with pager pad. Take any two color covers or sketch a transparent cover with sketch pens like red, gray, blue, green depend up on the making movie most of the movies make with Red and gray or blue Red is must as per I referred and follow the Video below and test you Glasses with second video.

    Test your 3D Glasses:

    enjoy! 3D

    How to create torrent files to share GB's

    Torrents is a simple way of peer-to-peer sharing of large file using Bittorrent protocol. It is a most common protocols for transferring large files, and it has been estimated that it accounted for roughly 27% to 55% of all Internet traffic depending on geographical location.

    If you want to send something to more than one person, or if you want to share high quality HDTV files, because then you can share the bandwidth.

    So how do you do this? Well it’s very simple. Open your favorite BitTorrent client and do the magic trick:

    utorrent bit torrent
     1. File > Create new Torrent (or CTRL + N)
    2. Select the files and or directories
    3. Trackers: This is probably the hard part for most people. But it’s pretty easy, just put in one of the popular public trackers. You can use one or more trackers, but in general one is enough.
    Here are some good trackers you can use:
    Put one of these in the tracker box
    4. Do NOT tick the private torrent box (unless you’re using a private tracker)
    5. Save the torrent and send it to your friends
    bitcomet bit torrent
    1. File > Create Torrent (or CTRL + M)
    2. Select the files and or directories
    3. Select “enable public DHT network” from the dropdown box
    This way you can be your own tracker if the public tracker goes down.
    4. Tracker server and DHT node list
    Again, This is probably the hard part for most people. But it’s pretty easy, just put in one of the popular public trackers. You can use one or more trackers, but in general one is enough.
    Here are some of the most popular trackers at the moment:
    Put one of these in the tracker box
    5. Save the torrent and send it to your friends
    azureus bit torrent
    1. File > New Torrent (or CTRL + N)
    2. Tick “use an external tracker”.
    And again, This is probably the hard part for most people. But it’s pretty easy, just put in one of the popular public trackers.
    Here are some of the most popular trackers at the moment:
    Put one of these in the tracker box
    3. Select single file or dicectory, click NEXT and point to the file or directory you want to share, and click NEXT
    4. Do NOT tick “private torrent”
    5. Do tick “allow decentralized tracking”
    6. Save the torrent and send it to your friends

    Free Unlimited Webhosting for 2 years for first 5000 customers

    Hostable.com is a new webhosting company. They are offering these premium hosting services 2 years free* for first 5000 customers. hurry up....

    Their service is not yet available. But you can pre register for a free account, From their website itself.
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    Frequently Slides the Desktop Wallpaper

    DesktopSlides is a light and user friendly desktop wallpaper changer for windows. You can set DesktopSlides to change your desktop wallpaper at a predetermined time interval (e.g. every 10 minutes) and customize the wallpaper position (tile, center, fit to screen) easily.


    Real freeware, 100% free and 100% bloat free, no adware, toolbars or any other third party bloatware embedded.

    Light software

    Runs seamless on any PC capable of running windows XP or later.

    System Requirements

    Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 / 64 bit) | .NET Framework 4 
    Forward Video to 1 min to min for Quick result:

    Create your own QR code with xrenqrcode

    QR Code (short for Quick Response) is a specific matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code), readable by dedicated QR barcode readers and camera phones and created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. The "QR" is derived from "Quick Response", as the creator intended the code to allow its contents to be decoded at high speed.
    What can we do to find what's the information on above QR Code. Just Download the xrenqrcode it is a free software to encode or decode the QR Code, it means we can create your own QR Code or can get information for QR codes like above just try it and We can get fun with it :).

    How to Encode and Decode the QR Code:

    We want todo more tasks in windows Get extra Workspace with Dexpot

    We are know about Virtual Desktop is to get more workspace (it means multiple desktops) todo more tasks  like media files & apps in Desktop 1, Office files & apps in Desktop 2 and more. There are number of applications in Internet. One of them is Dexpot.

    • Tremendously increases your work efficiency.
    • Stunning 3D transition effects. Only if you like them.
    • Supports stylish wallpaper clocks.
    • Can be expanded with plugins. Results in small memory footprint.
    • Looks up to date, tidy and has a lovely design.

    Twitter client application for windows

    MetroTwit is a slick Twitter client for Windows.
    • Infinite scrolling - If you ever want to read more tweets, just scroll down and more will appear almost instantly.
    • URL shortening and previews - Take control of links with an intuitive URL shortener that automatically saves you space and time tweeting.
    • Autocomplete for usernames & hashtags - The people and topics you care about, at your fingertips. Simply start typing any part of a username or hashtag and we'll find them for you.
    • Resizable and reorderable columns - Not all columns must be created equal. You have the choice and flexibility to control exactly how your columns should look.

    Watch Live IPL Cricket online for Free

    Its IPL time, You can watch live IPL matches via youtube for free. Youtube and indiatimes jointly brings live IPL matches streaming on youtube.

    For watching the IPL matches visit any of the following websites.

    12 things to avoid Getting banned by Google adsense

    1. Never click on your own Ads
    2. Never tell others to click on your own Ads
    3. Nevermodify Google’s AdSense code
    4. Never put images next to your AdSense Ads
    5. Never title your ads the wrong way.
    6. Never put AdSense on pages that do not have enough content.
    7. Never put AdSense on sites that have got prohibitive content
    8. Never createmultiple Google AdSense Accounts.
    9. Never enlist your site in any kind of auto-surf or traffic exchange programs.
    10. Never exceed the amount of ads you can display on a page.
    11. Never reveal your AdSense Data
    12. Never stay outdated!

    Free SMS Sending Online Worldwide ( without any registration, Unlimited, No Adv)

    There are number of online service for sending Free SMS by Registration, with some limits like only on country, limited number of messages and more.... But a sites to send Free SMS without any Registration, unlimited, no ads on messages and so on.

    Select below Which you want

    sms to facebook
    sms to tweet
    Webmaster Resource API
    International SMS
    2 Way SMS
    Schedule SMS
    Login for Phone Book

    Protect Yourself From Attacks: A How-To Guide For Beginners

    This article will cover basic, cheap and effective methods for protecting yourself and your home computer or small network from malicious attacks. This article assumes that you are a Windows user and that your Internet service is provided by a phone or cable provider. We will first cover your behavior and habits that can get you into trouble... and then we will cover some actual hardware and software products and settings that you can use to help prevent security problems.

    #1 - Behavior: A large portion of your security depends upon your Internet and computer usage habits. Modifying your behavior is the first step in securing your home computer. Here are a few things to try and remember at all times.

    a. Someone or something may be potentially watching your every move: Whether it’s a hacker, a piece of software on your computer that is either malicious or built-in (e.g.: Microsoft Products) and even your ISP or a government agency… you should be aware that all of your online activity may be logged and/or tracked. You should still use the Internet with confidence in your privacy, paranoia is not warranted, just keep in mind that the potential exists.

    b. Be careful of where you go: Just like you may not want to be seen on the street walking into a porn shop or into a crack dealers house, the same rules apply online. There are certain places online that warrant discretion both because of the attention you may attract and the dangers that exist within such as malicious software that could potentially end up on your computer. On the short list of places to avoid are; porn, warez (sites offering retail software for free, often with cracked serial or activation keys), music, movies and other media sharing, P2P and Torrents (Limewire, BitTorrent and others), gaming cheats websites, and hacking related websites (with the exception of HackThisSite.org)

    c. Download and install with care: Don&#039;t assume that your anti-virus or anti-spyware will catch everything. Know what you are downloading and where it is coming from. Review the additional "checkboxes" that come along with a download or an update. Even the more respectable providers of software often try and "hook" you with add-ons and plugins. Avoid the following types of software downloads as they are often backdoors for more malicious programs; screensavers, toolbars, search assistants, weather applications, pc and/or internet performance boosters, and anti-virus and anti-spyware from an untrusted source.

    d. Know what&#039;s real and what&#039;s not real and how to get out fast: The most common trap for users of any level is the malicious website. What is strikingly surprising is that the malicious website may even be one you commonly use. Criminals have found ways to use Google Banner Advertising and Facebook Applications among many others in order "trick" you into downloading malicious software. One often seen method is the "You Are Infected!" Pop-up. It is designed to look real and official, and frighten you into thinking you must "Click Here Now To Protect Your Computer!" which would be a terrible mistake, because you are in fact about to install a trojan. Many of you know this, and you then go to close the window, or click the "cancel" button... and what happens? The software begins installing anyway, or you are barraged with more pop-ups. There are two quick ways to get out fast. Using the keyboard shortcut ALT + F4 will close your active windows and is common quick way to get out of this scenario. The other option is the keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + DEL which will bring up your windows security panel, at which point you can access the task manager and close your browser completely.

    e. Beware the Phishing: You get an e-mail saying its the yearly required time to update or verify your Paypal account information.. "Click Here To Login". So you click, you enter your username and password to login... something funky happens and the login page comes up again so maybe you continue on thinking you typed it in wrong the first time. No... you&#039;ve just been phished and someone know has your username and password. Get in the habit of checking the URL of every website you are on, especially when it comes to PayPal, Ebay, Online Banking and other websites where you would have an account to login to. Phishing sites look remarkably like the official websites... even their URL&#039;s may look very much like the official site URL. So check in your address bar ALWAYS, before hitting that LOGIN button. Know that www.paypal.hcku.com is not the same as www.paypal.com! If you get a phishing e-mail or find a phishing website, you can often report it directly to the company it offends.. for example with paypal, simply forward phishing e-mail or report sites to phishing@paypal.com. If you think you may have been phished change your passwords... and all of them if you, like 95% of the general public tend to do, using the same password for your e-mail, your bank, your paypal and ebay. Which leads us to the final behavior... passwords:

    autocomplete username and password fields. Another good policy is to set your browser to clear history and cookies every time it is closed. This will prevent anyone who may have access to you computer getting into your Facebook account and finding out that you&#039;ve been cheating on them.

    A quick rundown of safety habits:
    - Be aware that risks are out there and your are not immune.
    - Avoid certain websites like you avoid certain parts of town.
    - Use strong passwords and don&#039;t use the same passwords in multiple places.
    - Don&#039;t ever store your information anywhere besides in your head, and always clear history and cookies.
    - Always look to see where you are, the location bar on your browser is there for a reason.
    - Install as little software as possible. The more software you have, the more doors that are opened.

    Now that we&#039;ve covered behavior and you&#039;ve likely dismissed 90% of that information because you&#039;re too lazy properly manage your passwords, you love free software and who in their right mind would give up porn... we have to look at physical methods of covering your ass online and the bottom line, protection of your home computer against potential attacks.

    #2 - Hardware: Know your connected devices, what they do and how to manage them properly. Most users have a computer or two and just assume that the Internet Service Provider came into their house, waved a magic wand and ta-da they have Internet.

    a. ISP Provided Modem/Router: Your cable or DSL provider has likely installed a modem in your house. Many modems will dual function as your router, and many today have wireless support as well. The modem is the main line of entry to and from the Internet at your location. A connection is established through your modem to the Internet provider&#039;s gateway, which in turn allows you to access the Internet, and conversely the Internet access to you through which attacks can be generated. The modem is your first line of defense as well. Your Internet provider&#039;s technical staff is as dumb as a box of rocks, and they will pretend that the modem is a magical box from which the world will end if you do anything with it. Sadly, most ISP&#039;s install your modem and leave it setup with the basic settings. Often a default username and password combination of admin:admin is all that it takes to access your modem. Luckily most are generally default set to deny remote, wide area network (WAN) login attempts and you can generally only access it from the local area network (LAN) using the IP address of or via your web browser. You should learn how to access your modem and how to manage it as well as setting a strong password for it.

    b. Firewall/Router: Regardless of whether or not your ISP provides a Modem/Router, you might consider installing your own to handle home networking including multiple computers, wireless and other network connected devices. At the time of this writing, the LinkSys E-Series Wireless-N Routers, provide great function at a reasonable price, with decent security settings for both wired and wireless connection sharing. There are a number of firewall/routers on the market and this could cover an entire article easily enough, so I may suggest a Google search for the term for "Home Router Firewall" or "SOHO Firewall" (SOHO is an acronym for Small Office/Home Office). If you want save yourself a lot of time and hassle in protecting your home computer and network, and are willing to spend a few bucks... this is how you do it.

    c. Connected Devices: Including your PC, cameras, printers and even cell phones... all of these devices can potentially communicate and thus be reached from the Internet. You should account for and manage all of the connected devices on your home network. Consider drawing a small schematic in order to keep track. Check your makes/models of network connected devices and read-up on if there are any vulnerabilities that may need to be covered. For instance some network printers use TCP ports like 515, 631 and HP in particular likes 9100.

    d. Your Computer: When not in use, consider turning it off. A device that is not powered on is one that can&#039;t be attacked. You will also help the environment by not using energy and that will give you warm fuzzies.

    #3 - Software: If you protect yourself with a hardware firewall device, a software firewall is not necessary and in fact may be counterproductive. Anti-virus and anti-malware programs are still resounding must have. Consider installing and using programs with real-time and active scans, that scan upon file access, the monitor e-mail, P2P Programs such as Limewire and Torrents, and even IM scans. Also make sure that you keep your operating system up to date, along with browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox and any plug-ins associated with them especially Flash and PDF Readers. Alot of what you choose to do with software goes back the part 1 of this article, and that is behavior. Potentially, programs that you install on your computer are your primary vulnerability. Additionally, software designed to protect your computer is only as good as how you&#039;ve managed to install and set up that software. Windows firewall is rendered useless if you go about granted exemptions to every piece of software that requires access to a communications port.

    a. Anti-Virus: An absolute must with a number of great sources to choose from. Whether paid systems like Symantec or McAfee, or equally effective free counterparts; AVG, Avast, Avira... The use of Anti-Virus software is essential. If you ignore this step then you deserve have problems.

    b. Anti-spyware/malware: Some anti-virus are packaged with protection against adware, spyware and other potential risks, and some provide it as a feature upgrade. It would be a good idea to use this. A free, but non-realtime scanning option would be
    Malwarebyte&#039;s Anti-Malware (MBAM) although you can get the paid version which features real-time scanning. I find that the free version is sufficient for a weekly scan to pick up anything anti-virus may have missed.

    c. Backups: If you are particularly concerned about your data and the potential loss of it, you should invest in actual backups. And by this I am NOT referring to system restore... in fact, if you want to protect yourself, System Restore should always be OFF! The reason for this is that many malicious programs use system restore as a convenient way to re-introduce themselves to your computer after your anti-virus cleans them out. Windows does have a built in backup tool and there are several freeware backup tools available as well. Do note that if you are attacked or get a virus that your backup may potentially be infected. Always store your backup on a separate or spare drive as well.

    What I hope that you will take away from this article is that your protection is 90% directly in your hands by your actions and habits. The other 10% involves simple and easy to setup technology. Being lazy and/or unaware is the greatest risk.

    Insert Google Adsense into Blogger post below the title

    1. Get Google Adsense code.
    2. Convert into Parse HTML code from here http://www.blogcrowds.com/resources/parse_html.php
    3. In Blogger, go to Layout, then choose Edit HTML
    4. Make a backup of your template by clicking Download Full Template
    5. Click Expand Widget Templates
    6. Search for <data:post.body/> or <p><data:post.body/></p>
    7. Place your Parsed HTML Adsense code on the line immediately above this
    8. Save the template.
    Your Original Adsense code
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--
    google_ad_client = "pub-1234567893564895";
    google_ad_host = "pub-9874563212589746";
    /* 120x60, created 12/25/08 */
    google_ad_slot = "1957450643";
    google_ad_width = 120;
    google_ad_height = 60;
    <script type="text/javascript"

    Your Parsed HTML Adsense code
    &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
    google_ad_client = &quot;pub-1234567893564895&quot;;
    google_ad_host = &quot;pub-9874563212589746&quot;;
    /* 120x60, created 12/25/08 */
    google_ad_slot = &quot;1957450643&quot;;
    google_ad_width = 120;
    google_ad_height = 60;
    &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;

    Show Adsense ads only in single page post
     It is better to show the adsense ads in single page post which are inserted in below the Post title, not show in Home or other pages see my blog.
    Add below code to show adsense ads only show in single post page
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    As like below
    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
    &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;&gt;&lt;!--
    google_ad_client = &quot;pub-1234567893564895&quot;;
    google_ad_host = &quot;pub-9874563212589746&quot;;
    /* 120x60, created 12/25/08 */
    google_ad_slot = &quot;1957450643&quot;;
    google_ad_width = 120;
    google_ad_height = 60;
    &lt;script type=&quot;text/javascript&quot;

                                             Home Page                                             Single Post Page

    Orkut New Look and Feel on next week

    Which DNS server speedup your Internet

    DNS means Domain Name System or Service. The job of DNS is translate Domain name(www.google.com) into IP address( will do for new new sites every day. Why because of we can't remember the IP address of the website like 100's of Phone Numbers in your Mobile and IP address of top sites are frequently changes for security reasons. Without DNS server We can't load a bit of website on your browser.
     There are many Public DNS servers like OpenDNS and Google DNS are available. The DNS server speed depend upon the Geographical location. For example, Google DNS server slow in Geographical location A and OpenDNS server fast in Geographical location B. For searching for best DNS server use the tool DNS Benchmark. It is a freeware and find best DNS server for you.

    How to Run DNS Benchmark
    1. Download DNS Benchmark.
    2. Select the "Nameserver" tab and retrieves data.
    3. Click Run Benchmark button.
    4. Click and read the "Conclusions" tab for more...
    How to setup DNS on your Computer

    For Windows XP users

    For Windows Vista or later users

    Submit blogger sitemap to Google Webmaster

    A sitemap is a list of pages of a website typically organized in hierarchical fashion accessible to crawlers or users, in other word index of all website pages. This helps visitors and search engine bots find pages on the site. It is default in www.domain.com/sitemap.xml path and format. But we all are bloggers there is no feature to upload the file to your blog space. But we had the feature atom feeds the file save in http://tips4ever.blogspot.com/atom.xml path and format. There is a step by step process to submit your blogger blog sitemap to Google by using Google Webmaster Tools.
    1. Login to the  Google Webmaster Tools.
    2. Under Site configuration, click Sitemaps.
    3. In the text box, type either atom.xml or rss.xml. For example, if you add the Atom feed as a Sitemap, the full URL will be http://yourblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml. example: (http://tips4ever.blogspot.com/atom.xml )
    4. If we use Feedburner or any  feed redirect use as http://yourblog.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false example: (http://tips4ever.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false ) 
    Defaultly your feeds show 15-30 pages as per feed settings for example my blog had 100 postings but my feed shows only 25 postings if update posting the last postis well remove and new posting is add to feed. Google missing all other postings (or pages) to Index. for full index of blog add all below links.



    Sitemap submitting is finish!

    TOP 300 Freeware software!

    OpenOffice - office suite
    PC Suite 602 - office suite
    AbiWord - text editor
    Atlantis Nova - text editor
    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer - power point files viewer
    Adobe Reader - pdf reader
    Foxit PDF Reader - pdf reader
    PDFCreator - create pdf documents
    Doc Convertor - document convertor
    Convert - unit convertor
    Converber - unit convertor
    Sunbird - calendar/organizer
    EssentialPIM Free - calendar/organizer
    PhraseExpress - speed up your writing
    ATnotes - create notes on the desktop

    Archive managers
    7-Zip - compression program
    IZArc - compression program
    TugZIP - compression program
    CabPack - compression program
    Universal Extractor - extract files from any type of archive

    Firefox - web browser
    Internet Explorer- web browser
    Maxthon - web browser
    Opera - web browser
    Avant Browser - web browser
    Thunderbird - email client
    PopTray - check for emails
    Free Download Manager - download manager
    FlashGet - download manager
    WellGet - download manager
    Download Master - download manager
    WGET - commandline download manager
    HTTrack - offline browser
    WebReaper - offline browser
    Yeah Reader - RSS reader
    GreatNews - RSS reader
    RSSOwl - RSS reader

    ĀµTorrent - torrent client
    Azureus - torrent client
    BitComet - torrent client
    ABC - torrent client
    BitTornado - torrent client
    eMule - p2p client
    SoulSeek - p2p client
    Shareaza - p2p client
    DC++ - Direct Connect network client
    PeerGuardian - IP blocker

    Miranda - chat client
    MSN Messenger - chat client
    Yahoo Messenger - chat client
    QIP - chat client
    Gaim - chat client
    JAJC - chat client
    HydraIRC - IRC client
    Talkative IRC - IRC client
    IceChat - IRC client
    Skype - VOIP client
    Google Talk - VOIP client
    VoipStunt - VOIP client
    Gizmo - VOIP client
    Wengo - VOIP client

    AVG Free - antivirus
    Avast Home Free - antivirus
    AntiVir PersonalEdition - antivirus
    BitDefender Free - antivirus
    ClamWin - antivirus
    CyberDifender - Internet Security Suite
    Ad-aware - anti-spyware
    Spybot: Search & Destroy - anti-spyware
    Windows Defender - anti-spyware
    SpywareBlaster - anti-spyware
    Spyware Terminator - anti-spyware
    Tootkit Reveaker - rootkit detection utility
    Winpooch - system protection
    HiJack Free - system protection
    HighJackThis - hijackers detector and remover
    Kerio Personal Firewall - firewall
    Sygate Personal Firewall - firewall
    ZoneAlarm - firewall
    AxCrypt - file encryption
    Simple File Shredder - securely delete files
    PuTTy - SSH client
    KeePass - password manager
    LockNote - password manager
    nPassword - password manager
    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - identify security misconfigurations

    FileZilla - FTP client
    FileZilla Server - FTP server
    EFTP - FTP client/server
    XAMPP - integrated server package of Apache, mySQL, PHP and Perl
    WAMP - Apache, PHP5 and MySQL server

    Foobar2000 - audio player
    WinAmp - audio player
    1by1 - audio player
    JetAudio - audio player
    XMPlay - audio player
    Xion - audio player
    Apollo - audio player
    MediaMonkey - music organizer
    The GodFather - music organizer
    dBpowerAMP - audio converter
    Audacity - audio converter
    WavePad - audio converter
    Kristal Audio Engine - audio editor
    Exact Audio Copy - CD ripper
    Audiograbber - CD ripper
    CDex - CD ripper
    Mp3 Tag Tools - tag editor
    Mp3tag - tag editor
    Taggin’ MP3 - tag editor
    Monkey’s Audio - APE compressor/decompressor
    mpTrim - mp3 editor
    WavTrim - wave editor
    EncSpot Basic - analyse mp3 files

    Windows Media Player - audio/video player
    VLC - video player
    Media Player Classic - video player
    MV2Player - video player
    CrystalPlayer 1.95 - video player
    Zoom Player - video player
    GOM Player - video player
    viPlay - video player
    DSPlayer - video player
    VirtualDub - video editor
    CamStudio - video screen recording
    AviSplit - Avi splitter
    Video mp3 Extractor - rip audio from video files
    Free iPod Converter - convert all popular video formats to iPod video
    MediaPortal - turning your PCinto a Media Center

    Blender3D - 3D renderer
    3Delight Free - 3D renderer
    SketchUp - 3D modeling
    Maya Learning Edition - 3D modeling

    GSpot - codec information
    AC3Filter - audio codec
    Xvid - video codec
    QuickTime Alternative - video codec
    Real Alternative - video codec
    K-Lite Codec Pack - all codecs

    Gimp - image editor
    PhotoFiltre - image editor
    Paint.net - image editor
    ArtRage - image editor
    Artweaver - image editor
    IrfanView - image viewer
    Picasa - image viewer
    XnView - image viewer
    FastStone Image Viewer - image viewer
    FuturixImager - image viewer
    Easy Thumbnails - create thumbnails from images
    JoJoThumb - create thumbnails from images
    iWebAlbum - create web photo albums
    JAlbum - create web photo albums
    3D Box Shot Maker - design quality box shot
    FastStone Capture - screen capture
    WinSnap - screen capture

    AutoIt - task automation
    SciTE4AutoIt3 - text editor for AutoIt
    AutoHotkey - task automation
    PHP Designer - PHP editor
    Notepad++ - text editor
    ConTEXT Editor - text editor
    PSPad - text editor
    FoxEditor - text editor
    Crimson Editor - source code editor
    Elfima Notepad - text editor
    Notepad2 - text editor
    Nvu - HTML editor
    Alleycode - HTML editor
    BlockNote - web page editor
    Weaverslave - web page editor

    DeepBurner - CD/DVD burner
    CDBurner XP Pro - CD/DVD burner
    BurnAtOnce - CD/DVD burner
    Express Burn - CD/DVD burner
    Zilla CD-DVD Rip’n’Burn - CD/DVD burner
    ImgBurn - ISO, BIN burner
    Daemon tools - virtual CD/DVD
    DVD Decrypter - DVD ripper
    DVD Shrink - DVD ripper
    Nero CD-DVD Speed - CD/DVD info and quality test

    Hamachi - VPN client
    RealVNC - remote control
    UltraVNC - remote control
    Ethereal - local area network administration
    The Dude - network administration
    Wireshark - network administration
    Angry IP Scanner - IP scanner
    IP-Tools - IP scanner
    Free Port Scanner - IP scanner
    NetMeter - network bandwidth monitoring

    System Utilities
    CCleaner - system cleaner
    xp-AntiSpy - OS setup
    jv16 Powertools - system utilities
    XP SysPad - system monitoring utility
    What’s Running - process guard
    Registrar Lite - registry editor
    WinIPConfig - replacement for ipconfig.exe” and “route.exe"
    Unlocker - file eraser
    Eraser - secure file eraser
    Undelete Plus - file recovery
    freeCommander - file manager
    ExplorerXP - file manager
    Duplicate File Finder - find all duplicate files
    Ant Renamer - file renaming
    ReNamer - file renaming
    Icons From File - icos extractor
    Chaos MD5 - MD5 generator
    HashTab - MD5, SHA1 and CRC-32 file ashes
    Rainlendar Lite - desktop calendar
    Weather Watcher - weather firecast
    Subtitle Workshop - subtitles editor
    Ant Movie Catalog - movie organizer
    Disclib - CD organizer
    Dexpot - virtual desktops
    DriveImage XML - create partition images
    MozBackup - backup and restore bookmarks, etc.
    SyncBack - system backup
    Atomic Cock Sync - syncronize your clock
    Citrus Alarm Clock - alarm clock
    TaskSwitchXP - Alt-Tab replacement
    Launchy - application launcher
    allSnap - make all windows snap
    Sysinternals Tools - various system tools
    StrokeIt - mouse gestures
    Net Profiles - create profiles of your network settings
    ResourceHacker - view, modify, rename, add, delete
    Java Runtime Environment - java for Windows

    UI Enhancements
    RocketDock - application launcher
    AveDesk - desktop enhancer
    IconPhile - customize windows’s system icons
    CursorXP Free - change mouse cursors
    MacSound - volume control
    LClock - Windows Longhorn clock
    Y’z Dock - application launcher
    Y’z Shadow - shadow effect to the windows
    Y’z Toolbar - change the toolbar icons in Explorer and Internet Explorer
    Taskbar Shuffle - rearrange the programs on the taskbar by dragging
    Visual Task Tips - thumbnail preview image for each task in the taskbar
    Badges - put badges on any folder or file
    Folderico - change icons of the folders
    Folder Marker - mark your folders
    Folder2MyPC - add favourite locations to My Computer
    Microsoft TweakUI - system settings
    BricoPacks - shell packs
    ShellPacks - shell packs
    Tango Shell Patcher - shell patcher
    XPize - GUI enhancer
    Vista Transformation Pack - complete visual style
    Vista Sound Scheme - Windows Vista sound scheme
    Royale Theme - visual style

    Hardware monitoring/Benchmarking
    CPU-Z - cpu information
    CrystalCPUID - cpu information
    Central Brain Identifier - cpu information
    Everest - system information
    SiSoft Sandra - system information
    SpeedFan - hardware monitor
    Memtest86 - memory test
    PowerMax - HDD test
    3Dmark 06 - 3D game performance benchmark
    Aquamark - performance benchmark
    rthdribl - 3D benchmark
    Fraps - 3D benchmark, fps viewer and screen recorder
    Prime 95 - cpu benchmarking
    SuperPI - cpu benchmarking
    CPU Rightmark - cpu overclock
    Core Temp - cpu temperature
    ATiTool - video overclock
    ATI Tray Tools - Radeon tweaker
    aTuner - GeForce and Radeontweaker
    RivaTuner - video overclock
    Nokia Monitor Test - monitor adjustmets
    UDPixel - fix dead pixels

    nLite - Build your own custom Windows disk.
    VirtualPC - create virtual machines
    grabMotion - webcam capture
    iDailyDiary - simple page-for-a-day diary
    Pivot Stickfigure Animator - create stick-figure animations
    Wink - create presentations
    Scribus - professional page layout
    FreeMind - midn mapping software
    Windows Live Writer - WYSIWYG blog authoring