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Mar 3, 2011

Trackmylaptop will trace your stolen laptop freely all over India is a Quick heal free service for tracing stolen laptops freely.

Comparing with other tracers:

It will work on the base of LAN card MAC ID. MAC ID is unique to each PC desktop or laptop or other all over the world. By this Quick Heal add that MAC ID to the database as follows. 

It will work in four ways:

1. For Quick Heal Users:
     When we install and activate the Quick Heal in your laptop it will automatically add's your MAC ID to database no need to enter MAC ID manually. When the Laptop is stolen and connected to Internet Quick Heal report to registered user.

2. For Non-Quick Heal Users:
     It is also free for Non-Quick Heal users up to 3 MAC ID's. Go to the and select Not a Quick Heal User and register and enter MAC ID manually. When it will stolen and connected to Internet Quick Heal reports to registered user.

3. Verify a User Laptop (For purchasing second-hand Laptops):
     Before you purchase the second-hand Laptop verify it is Genuine or stolen by clicking Verify a user Laptop option in site.

4. For Law Enforcement Authority:
     If the law enforcement authority or the concerned authority have recovered stolen laptops then they can check if the MAC ID of the laptops has been reported stolen by checking the database.

Benefit With
  • Free service to the entire laptop using community (all laptop users) of India.
  • Does not require installation of additional software.
  • Can be availed by Quick Heal and non Quick Heal users.
  • Law Enforcement Authority also have access to verify if a particular MAC ID is stolen or not.
  • Buyers of second hand laptop can confirm if the purchase is genuine or not.