Create layouts to your Webpage or Blog

Layout is the very important to any webpage or to the Blogs. But most of the people don't know about how to design the layouts to the webpage. So, for that I am giving guidance how to design layout to the webpage.

Tip:Before you are learn about I want to give a tip to you. You can download the free Text editors or HTML Editors softwares for extra features. I think HTML Editors is the best to use for your design. Because some HTMLEditers Softwares have a feature of Auto Syntax feature it will save your time to code. For that search on Google or Yahoo with following words.

We want Text Editors search as Text Editors + Freeware”

IF we want the HTML Editors search as HTML Editors + Freeware”

In above I used “freeware” it will results only freely use and download softwares on your search.

We can create the layout by use <div></div> tag and CSS style code is used in HTML document.


<html> <head> <title>Creating layout in the webpage....</title> <style type="text/css"> .main{ background:#aabbaa; width:990px; height:100%; } .header{ width:980px; height:120px; background:#445566; margin-bottom:10px; } .content{ width:560px; background:#ffffff; margin-left:5px; margin-right:5px; float:left; } .lsb{ width:210px; background:#ffffff; float:left; } .rsb{ width:210px; background:#ffffff; float:right; } .foot{ width:980px; background:gray; margin-top:5px; } </style> </head> <body bgcolor="#aabbaa"> <div class="main">This the main layout or parent layout to the webpage.It is must and should otherwise the layout is not clear. <div class="header">This is the header section of the webpage. We Can insert title or title image. it's width is 980px, height is 120px, background color is drak green, bottom margin is 10px.</div> <div class="lsb">This is a left sidebar. It's width is 210px,floating is left, background color is "weight".,</div> <div class="content">It is a content section of the webpage. It's width is 560px, backgrouns color is "weight", floating left.</div> <div class="rsb">It is a right sidebar. It's width is 210px, background color is "weight", floating right</div> <div class="foot">It is a foot section of the webpage. It's width is 980px, background color is "gray" top-margin is 5px</div> </div> </body> </html>

If you con' t see the result copy and past the above code and save is as HTML document (layout.html).

Access Yahoo free mail account In Mozilla Thunderbird

I all-ready said that how can access Gmail account in your E-Mail clients and also we well know that Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the best e-mail client. So I want to explain how can access Yahoo free mail account in Mozilla Thunderbird.

First of all login in to your Yahoo mail account and click “Option” in the right-top on the page. And select POP and Forward option in the page. After that select POP option and don't download bulk mail sub-option (it is optional selection). And click save Button in Left-bottom of the page. And following is the your POP and SMTP Server addresses.

POP (Incoming server address):POP.MAIL.YAHOO.CO.IN; PORT:110 OR 995 SMTP (Outgoing server address):SMTP.MAIL.YAHOO.CO.IN; PORT:25 OR 465

After that open your Mozilla Thunderbird application and follow the following steps.

Click Tools menu in the Main-menu.

Select “Account Settings” and Account settings wizard is opens.

Select “Add Account” button in the Left-bottom of the wizard and the “New Account Setup Wizard” opens.

Select “E-Mail Account” option and click Next

Entire your name and your E-mail address which you want to setup and click Next.

Select POP server address as follow.


I recommended that we have multiple accounts don't select “Use Globule inbox (Local Folder)” and click Next

Entire Incoming server user name (It is the Yahoo mail User name which we want to login) and click next.

Entire your Account Name which we want to display in Mozilla Thunderbird.

Entire your SMTP server address as follow.


Outgoing server user name (Same as Incoming server user name).

And finished the process go to the Account setting wizard select your account in the Left-top of the wizard and change the Incoming server Port 110 into 995.

And select the Outgoing server option in the Left-top of the Account Setting wizard and change the Outgoing server Port 25 into 465 and click ok button and close the wizard.

Finally connect your computer to the Internet. Select your account in left side of the application which you are setup and click Read option in the right side. It start the downloading the mails into the Application. Entire the password of the yahoo mail account. I recommended that don't click remember box and click ok it downloads all your Inbox main in your Yahoo mail account

Note:This settings only for some of the Yahoo Mail users not for all user.

Access your Gmail Free account in any E-Mail Client

All are well know about the E-mail clients it is a application software used in the Computers to Download the Mail from there E-mail accounts by with the help of POP3 (Incoming mail server address) and SMTP (Outgoing mail server address) IMAP (also Income mail server address) and read them offline .

The main difference between POP3 and IMAP is POP3 downloads full mail in to the E-mail client and the IMAP Downloads only subject of the mail it will fully download after clicking the subject. But free E-Mail accounts are not have this services (POP3,IMAP,SMTP).

But the Gmail provides this service to their users. Follow the steps to access Gmail account in E-Mail clients.


First login in to your Gmail account

Click settings in Right-Top of the Account

Select POP/Format or POP/Formate and IMAP

Choose the POP access option and the process is half completed


And your POP server address(Incoming mail server address) is POP.GMAIL.COM and SMTP server address(Outgoing mail server address) is SMTP.GMAIL.COM and use your Gmail user name and password to access. In case yo are selected the IMAP the server address is IMAP.GMAIL.COM.

The incoming server port is 110(General port) or 995 (secured port SSL). Outgoing server port 25 (General port) or 465 (Secured port SSL). I recommend that use Incoming and Outgoing secured ports 995 and 465 for secured mail download. When your client or E-mail account not have a SSL (secured ports) use General or default ports 110 and 25.

Backup your Mozilla Thunderbird Mail and settings

We well Know about the Mozilla Thunderbird is a free E-Mail client. It can use and downloaded freely. And it performs and maintain easily. But Most of the Mozilla Thunderbird users says that it not had a backup of Mails and Setting feature when compared with other E-Mail clients. But there had a backup tip to backup the mail and settings of the Mozilla Thunderbird. We can just follow the methods below for backup.

Method 1: When after the installation of the Mozilla Thunderbird. First of all Create a new Profiles on Mozilla Thunderbird and Change the default folder path of the profile other then OS drive “C:”. Method 2: Select the Folder Option in Tools menu. Click the “View” tab and select the “Show hidden Files and Folders” option in Hidden Files and Folders. After that go to the following path.

C:\Documents and Settings\ex:John>\Local Settings\Application Data\Thunderbird\

And copy the “Profile Folder” and past it anywhere in the computer other then OS drive “C: Local Drive or other”or to the CD's, storage devices where we want. When we are using the Dual OS booting or other copy your “Profile Folder” where it is and past it where-ever we want. And the backup process is completed. When we want to restore it just copy backup “Profile Folder” and past it into the following path.

C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Thunderbird (OR)

Past the backup “Profile Folder” in other path in case of using Dual OS booting or other. And finally change “Hidden Files and Folders” settings to default setting the process is complete.

Note: We can Copy and re-past the “Profile Folder” every time when we downloaded the new mails.

Create multiple profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the E-mail client like Eudora, Communicater 4.x, Outlook, MS outlook and other. It is a Opensource software. It can use and Download freely. And it performs and maintain easily. I want to give a tip to Create Multiple profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird. For that just follow the following steps.

Select RUN option in windows start menu and copy and past the Mozilla Thunderbird path and just add “-P” to the path like this "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe -P" or in case of installed in other path just copy that path add “ -P” as shown above. After that It will shows “Thunderbird choose user profile” wizard and click “Create Profile” button in left-side of the Wizard and it will shows “Create Profile Wizard” and click Next. Type the name of the profile and choose the path to the profile by clicking “Choose path” button. We can choose the default path given by the wizard or but I recommended that we can choose different path other then OS drive like “C:” for the backup facility (In case of OS Drive C: or other damaged by the virus or other ) and click finish button. And click “Start Thunderbird” button on the bottom of the wizard and enjoy the feature.